Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Humorous Monologue

GardnerN_Comedy from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
So far what I learned In this project Is that there are many types of humor and most of the humor I had was inappropriate so I had to take a few roadblocks on the way. So the humor I have Is somewhat logical and sad. Luckily the jokes were acceptable to present so I have now learned a lesson by myself. This project also made me learn the process of iMovie In which I never used since my Elementary school. This Is the first time making my own monologue so thats the first for me also.

Pad Is the time between the start of the video to the actual starting of the scene or the ending of the scene to the ending of the video. Pad Is needed because when you start the camera It delays for like one second and If you have one chance to do something well your In trouble. Thats where pad comes In and makes sure you don't mess up like last time. Its very crucial and It Is more easy to adjust into your video and crop It into your taste or style. Its not just important to put pad at one side of the video but put It everywhere when your done with a line or a scene because shutting the camera to stop filming Is instant because of the video trying to process so many things at once.

My weaknesses In this project was thinking of pans of each scene. I thought for about two hours on good thought out plans for B- roll and finally I got It and the plans worked good because It was actually really hard because I had no one to help during filming or shooting the video. My other weakness was actually focusing on an object as It took me a while to figure It out... I had to manually do It which was time wasting. For the critique of this project It showed as I were developing and exceeding because some of my shots had a noisy background noise and I had that especially with the wind as I was shooting my monologue. Thank you and good bye G.T!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Comedy Writing

Comedy Is one of the main characteristics that make people like you more or as a friend. Having a laugh can come In between things that are funny, makes sense, or just stupid that we have to laugh because how ridiculous somethings can be In life. Everybody laughs or to the people who don't we laugh at them to show how ridiculous they look or sound when denying laughing Is not fun or good, and thats why we laugh to how stupid It Is. Scaring people Is not just for the fear for the victim, It Is also for you to laugh at there reaction because we often don't see our friends screaming for bloody murder. Trust me It Is very funny! So having a good humor can really help on finding people you want to be friends with or stay with your friends when they are mad at you, and yes It Is very funny.

Five tips of humorous narrative are good timing like you cant skip a joke and go back to It In 5 minutes unless It has a story to go with the answer. You also cant have more then one character besides yourself because It Is a monologue. You also shouldn't cant have another visual except yourself In the monologue. Another tip Is to have your monologue remember because what If you are up on stage and you freeze. The last and most helpful tip Is to show emotion and see what joke Is a success and which one Is not because It a comedic monologue.

My comedic monologue includes a humorous and logical page to Its appearance as I talk about a shoe how It costs five dollars manufacturing and they add a logo to It making the price to sell over 50 dollars! This Is funny because we all don't realize how much money they rip us off on profits and we should often learn think twice on If Its a deal or not. Other parts of my monologue include a literal term of me literally hitting on a pile of jokes, you will understand more about this on my video being shown next blog post. WARNING THE NEXT BLOG POST MAY INCLUDE FINE-CUT PERFECTION COMEDY VIDEO!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Motivational Poster

For my motivational poster we were required a lot of rules and requirements to show the best quality each student can make. On our poster we are required to have three pictures of what describes you and one picture of your face. We also need personal quotes that we very cherish and more quotes to tell a better lifestyle. With those quotes we are kurning them to fit In the space we are provided In the photoshop document to show and remain no empty space or gaps. After that we have change our color of the text so that we can see the text because the background could make It not visible for me or others to see.

The process that I went threw the whole project was I had to find three valuable quotes that you live by and know by heart. The second step was to wright down quotes, feelings, or sayings that represent what we do. So the week before this project we had homework to take pictures of what represent you, with the photos I took including a self-portrait I had to fit four picture to make the back ground layer for my text. After that we had find text colors to see the text over the picture because a black texture Is camouflaged In the background. We also had to show text effects to make the words stand out even better then It's color pack. Now back to the pictures we had to put layer effects to make It look like one color and It made the background more colorful and visible to see, And thats It. In life simple things can show a lot of meanings and uniqueness.

The hardest challenge I had was finding the right colors to be visible to the picture because most of the colors looked like they were mixed In the picture and Is bad because how else would you see the words! The other challenge was fitting the pictures In to show no open or blank space In the picture. It was like a puzzle! It was like "finding Waldo" because most of the time there was a blank space to cover. So overall I needed a lot of help but a conclusion came to a success. I would rate this project a 8/10 because I really enjoyed the outcome of what I believe Is "Fine Art"!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Personal Manifesto

Hi am Nathan Gardner, returning student of G.T. at Kapaa Middle School, and owner of this blog. I love basketball, and going to the beach with my friends. I enjoy competitive eating and love to play Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. My future dream Is to genetically modify or to make an ancient dinosaur just like Jurassic Park or Jurassic World (By the way the best movie ever!). I know It seems unlikely to happen but I wish for all evidence to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Some quotes that I am going to live by this year are "Know yourself, know your worth", "No alarm clock needed, my passion wakes me up" ,and "Yesterday was history, tomorrow Is a mystery". I chose those because those explain what I believe In Is being humble, like how all my friends say "Stay humble, no grumble". Last year was  the hardest and the worst year for me and I don't want to go threw that again so I am going to listen the best I can this year because last year I was always off track. My goals for this year also Is getting a perfect attendance and a 4.0 grade average.

Well to relate to you guys (audience) on this project majority of people heard of Drake the rapper and In my manifest I have a quote from him which Is "Know yourself, know your worth". I chose that quote because having a certain level of experience of a certain should tell where you belong like In a sport or a class. In life we have at least say one quote that you respect more than any other saying and I personally love that quote more then any other quote! I have other quotes I listen to and believe In but I live on what I can like you know, I have freedom! For the final product Im expecting a really image for the class to look at.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Music Videos Rock!

Each member In our crew did an equal share and part to this project by doing our personal assignments for the movie. Each of us In our crew decided to share It amongst who Is better at doing one thing. So my part was doing some filming and especial my mastery at editing In iMovie. The others In the groups are Tyler Pagela, Leilia Panui, and Logan Noble. Tyler got some footage of the skating stuff and we didn't land any tricks but we are going to edit to look like we did land the trick. Leilia did most of the filming and yet she still has to lip-sync to her part. Logan did most of the planning to the storyboard and lots of lip-syncing! So pretty much we are on the right track to a finished music video!

The best part of our music video that people will most likely enjoy or laugh to Is when we take the meaning of "Kick, Push" too far! On that scene Logan will be doing that exact thing to me which looks really funny and how we took several shots of that, put In all different angles. Also now we made some more better shots of lip-syncing now and we have increased so much videos that we did make some mistakes so maybe there will be some funny bloopers. During this project the team didn't communicate that good but until now we got better. Some really good things about our team Is that everyone was equal into the work well put In. It was a fun school year and my last year of G.T so our team did our best which Is all that matters.

What we learned this year was really important to understand what was wrong and what was right. So like threw out this year we have composition techniques and rule of thirds which you will definitely see on our music video! We also learned some new ways or paths to do things the right way like In our music video we couldn't get our lips matched with the some but Mr. Sanderl showed us the black space which creates a motion of timing so you could put your lip-syncs anywhere you wanted on the music video. So our main focus to our story Is not to give up and when you fail you learned another way what not to do, which will be very helpful In life. So I hope you liked my blog this year and this Is my last goodbye forever. Thank you G.T!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

My favorite song Is groovy and has a good beat and has a great vocal I think because the way the artist sings Is unique. My favorite song Is "Trap Queen" (by Fetty wap) and one cool thing I think that he Is blind In one eye and that he can sing and read with that one eye! Another song I like Is "Blessed" (by Kanye west, Big Sean, and Drake). It tells how they rather be at work than a vacation and them saying "I came here for a good time not a long you know I, I never had a good time In along a time you know I, Im way up I feel blessed .etc". So the creators of the song are three big hits In the USA so the song came along really great.

For our group song we have chosen "kick push" by Lupe Fiasco. The song Is a good lyrical song and how It's gonna be easy to dance to and sing, luckily he doesn't know how to rap. The song Is about skateboarding tricks, like when you do a kick flip you kick, or whip your foot at the board. Push In the song  think mean when you do a heel flip you push off your foot, or kick with your heel. The song also includes a good long 90 seconds of good lyrics and besides 1 minute of just saying "Kick push". So for our music video sense we don't know how to do skateboard tricks we are going to hire our friends to do the tricks for better looking then us trying to skate, or we will cut out scenes and put them together to make It look we landed the trick.

The visual story we are going to tell Is a skate boarding movie I guess, and maybe we will have good funny bloopers. So In the beginning will be a person skate boarding and he will fall and cry and run away as the song says and goes. But the song means as "kick push" means stroking or peddling harder to go away from a place where you can't skate, so kick push Is riding you skateboard away or somewhere else In the song. In the middle the 10 seconds of kick push would be Logan kicking and pushing me of two separate of that happening to poor me. Then we are going to have lots of lip syncing from our whole team which Is Logan, Leilia, me( Nathan), and Tyler. So at the end a scene of a boy and a girl ask to be together, then to the end which Involves a ton of bloopers and special guest star Nellizza! So thats our movie plan for this project and then we will be keeping updated for next weeks blog post about our final edition of our own music video!
Image result for lupe fiasco kick push
(Our song)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Our Animation Story

For our animation story "Nathan Rescues Marine life" we have planned our focus statement by having a plot so we could understand the the theme. Our stories plot Is Chazz and he creates the plot by littering and putting trash In the oceans of the pacific, by this we can relate and make a hero for the theme of "Picking up your own trash". In our story we have chose three different kinds of animation, 1.) STYKS 2.) Photoshop 3.) stop-motion. The hardest one was the photoshop one because It takes awhile to move 3 things at once for one shot. Some scenes done with photoshop was the beach scenes and the car scenes.

The main lesson for the audience was to not litter and to pick up other trash In the community. We made this the most clear thing on our presentation because pollution these day Is killing our planet earth. Some other main ideas for making a good movie was technique. We did have a hard time doing the stop motion at first but we got the hang of It. Some roadblocks for the team were staying still for both photographer and characters. One bad thing for us when we were behind and with bad scenes we had to stick with the scenes because It was too late to re-do them.

The worst moment for me as a teammate was when you wanted to help but the team wont let you. For some people In the teams problems was not doing the work fast enough and not working together to get a better finishing result. Threw this whole team process this seemed like this was the hardest project by far from all the other GT assignments! For us we learned from our mistakes and struggled to not have enough tie but the last week our team had there game face on like we were doing three scenes at a time and we got It finished on time. So the last thing I want to say Is help your team at any point and say you could do something, and not wasting there time wining, and just like me I did this blog writing when we were done the whole time.